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Using Web Standards for Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is exactly that. Ensuring a Web project is of a quality high enough to work on all modern browsers, now and in the future.

This article outlines how Web standards can be used to provide quality assurance and how this benefits a customer.

Creating a semantic FAQ page with definition lists and advanced CSS, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we created a semantic FAQ page using definition lists and made it look pretty with CSS. Now it's time to work on some more functionality.

Creating a semantic FAQ page with definition lists and advanced CSS, Part 1

Most websites have FAQ pages, but few put much effort into creating an attractive and usable interface. This article will explain one method of creating a nice FAQ page

What’s the Difference Between Usability and Accessibility?

‘Usability’ and ‘Accessibility’ are terms often misused and confused. This article aims to explain the differences between the two terms, their meanings and where they overlap.

Future Proofing Using Standards

When creating sites it is important to realise the code might not be changed for years. This article shows how Web standards can be used to ensure a Web site still looks good, and functions well, years after it's creation.

What is the Semantic Web

‘Semantic Web’ is a term often used by Web professionals, luckily it's not a buzz-word yet, but is a term everyone involved in the Web should know and understand. This article aims to explain the Semantic Web in plain English.

Ensuring People with Disabilities have Equal Access

Continuing the ‘Web Standards for Everyone’ series, this article discusses the use of Web standards to ensure the disabled have equal access to Web sites.

Web Standards for Everyone

There are many tutorials explaining how to use Web Standards [1], what seems to be missing are reasons to use Web Standards. This series of articles aims to remedy that.

Introduction to Web Technologies

There are several different web technologies that you will come across when building your site.

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