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We have got designers and developers available for contract work. Members of this group are hand-picked by forum leaders based on their technical and/or design expertise, reliability, and professionalism. When you hire a member of our team, you can be assured that your project will be completed in a professional manner with outstanding results.

Why hire us?

  • Developers are pre-screened by experts - this means less uncertainty for you regarding the quality of work you will recieve and the level of professionalism of the developer you work with.
  • Observing developers in their natural habitat (the forums!) means that we have a good understanding of their skills and behaviour patterns.
  • You will be personally matched with a developer with both the technical ability and availability you need. No need to communicate with many different designers to find one who suits your project needs and your schedule!

How it works

  1. You send us your project request using the form below.
  2. One of our administrators will contact you to verify your interest in our team and clarify your development needs.
  3. Once we have a solid understanding of the project, we will match you with one of our developers.
  4. The developer assigned to your project will contact you directly to proceed with the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be dealing with A Padded Cell/The Webmaster Forums or with a private contractor?
All of our developers currently work as private contractors. Once your project has been assigned to a developer, you will work directly with them for the remainder of the process. A Padded Cell/The Webmaster Forums simply matches you with a developer that can handle your project.
Why is professionalism such a big concern?
Many beginning web developers have problems dealing with clients. We often hear of projects that fell through or weren't completed because of the developer's poor business sense. They may, for example, be difficult to communicate with or continually fail to deliver work on time. This often comes from immaturity and/or lack of experience. With the APC/TWF developer's group, you will be dealing with a true professional.


Although developers have been chosen to be part of this team, The Webmaster Forums makes no guarantees about the work that they do for you. We will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the work completed by our team. However, in the event that you are not satisfied, The Webmaster Forums claims no responsibility for any problems that occur. We are interested in any feedback you have about this service. Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.

Submit your project

Please use the contact form to submit your project to us.
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About the Author

Megan is co-founder and editor of A Padded Cell and administrator at The Webmaster Forums. She has been designing websites since 1997, with expertise in design, information architecture, usability, HTML/CSS, Drupal theming, and more. Megan is also a partner and co-founder of Woolwich Web Works: A small team that can do big things!