Server management

SSH: Allowing multiple users to edit the same files and directories (shared folders)

Often multiple users will need to have access to edit, delete and create files and folders on a server. To illustrate this we will use the example of two users who need access to the same files on a Web server.

SSH: Managing file permissions using CHMOD

When installing scripts on your website you will often be asked to change the permissions, or CHMOD (change mode). The instructions for doing this often include cryptic sets of numbers, such as chmod 775 There are actually two ways of setting permissions using chmod, using numbers or words. Use whichever method works best for you.

SSH: It's really not that scary

For a long time, I avoided using ssh. As a designer, I thought it would be too complicated and difficult to learn. As it turns out, I was wrong! For the most part, ssh (and the shell commands needed to perform tasks) isn't that difficult to do. Being able to use SSH will make it easier and faster for you to perform many common tasks on your web server. Even if you're on a shared hosting account, you may be able to access your website using SSH (check with your hosting provider to find out).

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