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What is a Div?

Web designers use it nearly every day, but not many actually know what the div tag means and where it should be used. This article aims to de-mystify the div tag, explain when and where it should be used and compare it with the similar span tag.

Using Web Standards to Reduce Cost

The advantages of Web standards have been listed in this series of articles. These advantages can also reduce the cost of a project, which is what this article aims to show.

Creating a semantic FAQ page with definition lists and advanced CSS, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we created a semantic FAQ page using definition lists and made it look pretty with CSS. Now it's time to work on some more functionality.

Creating a semantic FAQ page with definition lists and advanced CSS, Part 1

Most websites have FAQ pages, but few put much effort into creating an attractive and usable interface. This article will explain one method of creating a nice FAQ page

Future Proofing Using Standards

When creating sites it is important to realise the code might not be changed for years. This article shows how Web standards can be used to ensure a Web site still looks good, and functions well, years after it's creation.

Ensuring People with Disabilities have Equal Access

Continuing the ‘Web Standards for Everyone’ series, this article discusses the use of Web standards to ensure the disabled have equal access to Web sites.

11 Practical Reasons to use CSS for Layout

In this article I'm not going to talk about semantics, ‘proper’ coding, or the W3C. You've probably heard all of that already (and if you haven't, you can check out Why Tables for Layout is Stupid: problems defined, solutions offered by Bill Merikallio and Adam Pratt). Instead of preaching about standards, I am going to present some real world, results–oriented reasons to use CSS instead of tables for web page layout. Let's get started right away.

Web Standards for Everyone

There are many tutorials explaining how to use Web Standards [1], what seems to be missing are reasons to use Web Standards. This series of articles aims to remedy that.

Internet Explorer Unable to Count to 100

This article demonstrates the difficulties Internet Explorer has when calculating percentage widths in CSS-based layouts.

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